James Larrick

Dr. James Larrick received his MD and PhD. degrees from Duke University School of Medicine.  After medical house-staff training at Stanford, he completed a post‑doctoral fellowship in the Stanford Cancer Biology Research Labs working on therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies for cancer and infectious diseases.  This work was continued as a founding scientist of Cetus Immune Research Labs which he led during the 1980s.  The Cetus team pioneered the development of PCR which facilitated the renaissance in antibody technology in the 1990s’.  In 1991, Dr. Larrick founded the biopharmaceutical incubator Panorama Research Institute (PRI).  Dr. Larrick’s PRI team has discovered and initiated development of a diverse, and innovative portfolio of pharmaceutical molecules addressing major unmet needs in cancer, infectious, autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic diseases.  PRI has incubated >30 life science projects/companies: among these are legacy start-ups of Kalobios Inc., NuGen Technology Inc., Adamas Inc., Absalus Inc. (now Teva) etc. Two companies have been co-founded in Europe, PanGenetics b.v. (Abbvie) and TargetQuest b.v. (Dyax). To date PRI-initiated projects and/or companies have led to six IPOs/exits. Recent work at PRI has focused on Applied Healthspan Engineering--the utilization of advances in molecular medicine to preserve well being as we age.  In addition, he serves as a Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer of Presidio partners-funded Velocity Pharmaceutical Development LLC, based in South San Francisco. Dr. Larrick has written or co‑authored nine books, over 300 papers/chapters and >forty patents in his thirty year career.
Dr. Larrick has organized and led a number of biomedical expeditions, including studies of nutrition, malaria, genetics, and high altitude adaptation among native peoples of Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Nepal, India, Tibet and China. Presently he helps fund and serves on the Boards of two non-profits, the Sustainable Sciences Institute (www.ssilink.org) focused on education and delivery of appropriate technology to less developed countries in Africa and Latin America  and the Sankofa Center for African Dance and Culture focused on education, diagnosis and therapy of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Ghana (www.thesankofacenter.org).  Currently he supports outreach clinics and hospitals in Ethiopia, Komodo Island and Bhutan (see Juvare.org).

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