Dave Humphreys

David Humphreys graduated with a degree in molecular biology from the University of Durham (UK) in 1992 before completing a PhD at the University of Birmingham (UK) in 1995. His PhD investigated the folding and augmented expression of heterologous proteins in the E. coli periplasm, using protein disulphide isomerase as a chaperone.
David joined UCB (formerly Celltech) in 1995 where he first studied aspects of the engineering of antibody constructs and their expression in E. coli. Research interests have included; Fab and antibody engineering, Bispecific antibodies, FcGR biology, E. coli and CHO engineering, protein secretion and folding and PEGylation strategies. David leads the Protein Sciences team working on various aspects of antibody engineering and microbial and CHO expression. David was leader of a project identifying therapeutic Mabs to treat Clostridium difficile and a project to block FcGR’s. His work has resulted in multiple peer reviewed publications, reviews and granted patents.

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